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Course Information

Charity donations - Can be made by entering the amount you would like to donate and entering add to cart. All proceeds from Climb The Caldera event will go to Bay Of Plenty Rural Support - Helping farmers when times are tough. Check out for more!
This one will push you, even on your electric bike! Though approx 12 kilometers does not sound like much, you elevate over 300 meters in the first 5 km's. The ride starts from a sheering shed and uses rugged farm tracks to navigate through the initial slowly elevating terrain. Once you have cleared some elevation, you have a fast decent onto a long flat pasture that spans for about 600 meters before the real challenge begins. 
The track gets more rugged and steeper... much steeper. Provided you can keep that front wheel down, you'll have no drama letting your ebike get you up there. For you guys on regular pushys, good luck!
The slog is worth it though with the edge of the caldera providing a great spot to catch your breath and take in your surrounds. The beauty of this spot is that it is so far away from any trees that you have unobstructed 360 degree views. Make sure you pack that camera.
Next the best bit - the descent! You start with a cinematic ridge-line that looks like its straight out a Peter Jackson film followed by a tight technical exit down the side. Pedal up a goat track and down through big open fields around a corner and through a tight chute and across into a rooty wooded area. Come out the other side of this and descend back down the track you came up. On the way back down you'll find tonnes of little kickers formed in the rugged terrain. 

Its a unique ride you won't forget any time soon!
Check out our little video of the course from 2018 here