What Tour Is Right For Me?

Not sure what tour is right for you? These explanations may help you make the right choice.

Virgin Bikers - Never ridden a bike off-road before or need help getting acquainted with a bike again? Friday is the perfect option as we ride very straightforward trails and slowly ramp it up from there. Our guides are there to coach you through some fundamental skills, and to ensure you get the most out of the day. Our luxury shuttle van is readily available the entire time. 

Friday - Green and Blue Lake Trail - Beginner

Beginner Riders - For riders that haven't done too much mountain biking before and are apprehensive on two wheels - please see below: 

Monday - Waikato River Trail - Whakamaru Dam

Thursday - Karangahake Gorge


Friday - Green and Blue Lake Trail


Saturday - Redwoods MTB park

Intermediate and Advanced Riders - For riders that are confident and stable on a bike and enjoy pushing their limits - please see below: 

Tuesday - Waikato River Trail - Arapuni


Wednesday Morning - Western Okataina Trail 


Saturday - Redwoods MTB park


Sunday - Great Lakes Trail (Waihaha to Kinloch)